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Role: Web Designer & Developer
Type: Non-Profit Website
Duration: February 2021 - May 2021
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My contribution

I was hired to rebrand and redesign Colorado Rising’s website. As the only designer and developer on the team, I reported directly to the Communications Director and Executive director while working on this project. I redesigned their logo, selected new colors and fonts, and reenvisioned what their website could be. This project taught me a lot about collaborating with people who aren’t familiar with design and web development. It is a crucial skill to refine my communication for design so anyone can understand and help collaborate in their own ways. I’m also managing their social media accounts and updating their website as new campaigns come in.


To create a website that’s a trustworthy resource  for impacted residents of Oil & Gas to come and learn about fracking’s impact on our health, environment, and economy. To give people the resources and knowledge to rally against Oil & Gas in their own neighborhoods and to generate more subscribers and donors for their movement.

A screenshot of Colorado Rising's home page of their website

Client testimonial

“Working with Logan is a pleasure. I enjoy collaborating with him because he cares deeply about what he does. He is very efficient. I wouldn't be the Outreach Coordinator I am today without his creative eye. The digital world is a crucial space for civic engagement. He harnesses that space well to create awareness and uplift voices and stories.”

- Caitt B.
Community Organizer at Colorado Rising

About the client

Colorado Rising is a statewide 501(c)4 non-profit organization that works to protect Colorado’s health, safety, wildlife, environment, and the future of our climate from the impacts of oil & gas development.

The organization was founded in September, 2016, to focus on litigation, state agency rulemaking, administrative processes, and public education concern over a number of explosions, spills, leaks, and other catastrophic oil and gas accidents in Colorado, compounded by years of political inaction and the failure of state agencies to address health and safety issues drew widespread support for the effort.

We honor diversity. Our board of directors and leadership team is 60% women and BIPOC-led with representation from Latinx, Chicano, Indigenous, African American, LGBTQ and non-binary genders. We are not only committed to increasing diversity, inclusion and representation within our organization at all levels, but within the climate movement as well.


Colorado Rising is powering a grassroots movement to protect our health, safety, quality of life, and the future of our climate from the harms and impacts of oil and gas operations.

Project highlights

Confident about the content on their website

All articles, petitions, and information about the impacts of fracking are organized throughout the site to make it easy for any user to find what they’re looking for.

Free to focus on creating more impactful campaigns

Now that Colorado Rising has a nimble and versatile website, they can focus on building campaigns that reach residents across the state. Making landing pages, petitions, and sharing articles directly from their website is a game-changer.

Becoming a trustworthy source of information

The ability to archive and organize all articles, LTE’s, and press releases for residents to access is important in the fight against Oil & Gas. Creating pages that are engaging and easy to read that share crucial facts on the impact fracking has on our health, environment, and economy to help educate Colorado residents.

Being assessable to the Spanish speaking community

The Spanish-speaking community makes up 12% of the population in Colorado. With the click of a button, most of the website is instantly translated into Spanish.

Project goals

  • To make a website that’s a trustworthy source of information that people can come back to repeatedly.
  • To rebrand the non-profit and make their website feel more modern.
  • To make a website in both English and Spanish.

Take a look!

A screenshot from Colorado Rising's website
A screenshot from Colorado Rising's website
A screenshot from Colorado Rising's website
A screenshot from Colorado Rising's website
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